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Unique:ID is a Vancouver, BC product design firm specializing in alternative energies, power technologies, vehicle design, marine design, medical devices, industrial machinery and high tech consumer products.


Christopher O'Brien Wheeler
Unique Industrial Design Inc.
Suite 200 - 318 Homer Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6B 2V2

Telephone: 604 681 3075
Fax: 604 681 3475
Unique Industrial Design Inc. - Featured Design

PCE Interface Workstation
The PCE is an interface workstation designed to be fully adjustable to the ergonomics and biomechanics of the human body. Patents are pending.

A reclined position supports the entire body; the torso is supported against the back of the chair with lower back & lumbar support. Feet are supported by a stable footrest with an approximate 100-degree bend at the knees. Shoulders and upper arms are in-line with the torso, and also supported. The head and neck are bent slightly forward, and supported. The elbows are aligned along the sides of the body, with forearms supported and wrists straight.
Forearms, wrists, and hands are inline with forearms, 90 degrees to the upper-arm. VDT's, input devices, and other technical accessories are able to be adjustable on X,Y,Z Axis' relative to user.


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