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Messier Designers focus on global design, offering both strategic product development services and graphic communications strategies. Being an active presence in most spheres of product design and marketing generates the synergy that enables Messier Designers to effectively manage the global vision required to make any company a commercial success.


Patrick Messier, President
Messier Designers Inc.
5550, Fullum Street, Office 312
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H2G 2H4

Telephone: 514 495 4484
Fax: 514 495 4486
Messier Designers Inc. - Featured Designs

MAMMA Rocking Chair
Like a ribbon suspended in space, the MAMMA rocking chair is made from a single piece of fibreglass, with a special high-gloss urethane finish. MAMMA's curves, designed on a grid based on the Fibonacci sequence, are incredibly comfortable.
Let MAMMA take you in her arms to comfort you!

SEDO Family of Extra Deep Sofas
The SEDO family of sofas features pure and simple lines, with generous extra-deep seating that’s an invitation to rest and relaxation. Perfectly designed for seating or reclining, top-of-the-line SEDO sofas are constructed with a solid maple frame, CFC-free polyurethane foam, and a chrome-finished steel base. The cushions are down-filled for extra comfort. 

FLO Sink and Faucet System
The main idea behind this concept was to have a minimalist and completely free-standing pedestal sink and faucet system that is easy to clean, with no hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. The balanced proportions of the sink and its pedestal are realized through the application of a rigorous grid based on a mathematical formula known as the “golden ratio”.


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