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Form3 is a full service product development house located in Vancouver, Canada, specializing in industrial design, but also ensuring product integrity and success with strong mechanical design, ergonomics and production implementation.

Alex Feldman
Form3 Design Inc.
201 - 405 Railway Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6A 1A7

Telephone: 604 709 3676
Fax: 604 709 0232
Form3 Design Inc. - Featured Designs

Vocalist Live
Form3 provided the visual concepts and the mechanical design for the Vocalist Live 4, and the more compact Vocalist Live 2 - the world’s first vocal processors that generate live multi-part vocal harmony by analyzing guitar chords. The user interface was optimized for usability.

Paint Miser
Form3 designed the paint miser to save paint - the #1 hazardous household waste. The multiple surfaces and edges were refined to maximize paint extraction from cans. Use of the product saves up to 7% of the paint in a typical can.

VOIP phones
The new family of VOIP phones for Nortel is a distinct departure from competitors and previous digital sets. The interface is reconfigured to a vertical format to reduce the footprint and to emphasize the screen. Visual models, mock-ups, detailed CAD modelling and finite element analysis were used to refine and overcome the many technical challenges to solve aesthetic, comfort, stability and strength issues.


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