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Andrew King owner of King Design is an innovative multi-disciplinary design consultant. With 16 years experience in the business of design & production, the firm serves clients in the UK, Canada & the USA. Covering: Product design & development, Graphic design, Retail design, Point of sale design, Interior design, Exhibition/Trade show design.


Andrew King, President
King Design
14139 Marine Drive
White Rock, BC, Canada
V4B 1A4

Telephone: 604 535 0692
Fax: 604 535 0672
King Design- Featured Design

Ergonomic hand held microphone mask that fits over the mouth and nose, which silences the voice. Designed for use in discrete court room reporting.

King Design pays attention to real user needs that are the key subtle features differentiating your product from another in the marketplace. King Design is highly trained, experienced and skillful in the art & science of industrial design. Sensitively developing products that are not complicated to use but are comfortable & user friendly.

Developing products from the seed of an idea through to production. Optimizing a products appearance, function & value to the mutual benefit of user & producer. With the goal of increasing a products competitive edge through good design.


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