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Form3 is a full service product development house located in Vancouver. We are accredited specialists in industrial design with extensive in house mechanical design capabilities.

Brian Giesbrecht
Form3 Design Inc.
201 - 405 Railway Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6A 1A7

Telephone: 604 709 3676
Fax: 604 709 0232
Form3 Design Inc. - Featured Designs

Nortel IP Phone 1140E
The portrait format of this second generation Nortel IP business phone minimizes the footprint on the desk or wall. An integrated fully adjustable stand allows the slim sided body to float above the desk, manages and conceals all cords, and is ready to use out of the box, without tools.

Xantrex XPower PowerSource 400
During a power outage, the PowerSource 400 comes to life allowing the user to seamlessly continue operating small electronic devices such as a laptop, radio, emergency light, mobile or cordless phone. Bright LEDs automatically illuminate the AC outlets while large integrated handles make the device easy to transport.


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