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Ant I.D. Inc., based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is a design and prototyping studio that specializes in creating contemporary furniture, home accessories, lighting and interior environments for domestic and international clients.
Tim Antoniuk, Principal/ Design Director
ANT I.D. Inc.
12620 104 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T5N 0V7
Phone: 780 983 9844
Ant I.D. Inc. - Featured Designs


Extruded Vase
The inspiration behind the “Extruded Vase” series comes from, quite obviously, seeds and how they grow into flowers. It was also deeply influenced by an alternative approach to designing a vase – Ultimately, the ‘shell’ of this series is a ‘holder’ that is intended to cradle the glass vase ... the seed and the stem. This very simply aesthetic investigation of a seed, how it is surrounded by a material (dirt) has allowed Tim ANToniuk to explore new areas and definitions of what a flower vase is or what it can be.

Pod Tables
Similar to the “Morph Stool”, the “Pod Tables” are another excellent representation of ANT’s commitment to researching and using some of the world’s most innovative and sustainable materials. Going far beyond the application of interesting materials, this table lines surface can be altered in almost any manner – It can be shaped into a bowl, a vase, it can be embossed with a low relief image/mold. This is true mass customization that can occur over and over.

Morph Stool
The “Morph Stool” most accurately represents ANT’s commitment and pioneering research into the world’s most innovative materials. Going far beyond the application of interesting materials, , Tim Antoniuk is working with a group of leading academic researchers to develop a variety of materials, such as plastics, that are able remember their original “cast” state. Recent research and material developments have allowed ANT to create this stool line whose surface can be altered in almost any manner – decorative and/or ergonomic. This stools seat can be custom formed to, well, ones own personal seat - The ultimate in aesthetic and ergonomics.


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