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Unique:ID provides a full range of creative and technical product development services. Our diverse capabilities are complemented by alliances with engineering and manufacturing partners that share our commitment to excellence and innovation.


Christopher O'Brien Wheeler
Unique Industrial Design Inc.
Suite 200 – 318 Homer Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6B 2V2

Telephone: 604 681 3075
Fax: 604 681 3475
Unique Industrial Design Inc. - Featured Design

n_sight MVCS Video Conference Camera
The n_sight MVCS is a portable video conference camera system featuring secure wireless, intuitive GUI, high resolution video, audio and on-screen telestration capability. The MVCS delivers access to locations previously inaccessible to real-time conferencing such as test labs, factory floors, service departments, suppliers, inspection areas, customer facilities, and other remote team locations.


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