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Creativity + Research + Client Empathy = Marketable Design Solutions. This is the creed of the boutique design studio that currently caters to discerning customers in Asia and North America. Clients include heavyweights such as Olympus, LG Electronics and Zebco.


Thierry Do, Principal
ThierryDo Design
101263-1184 Denman Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6G 2M9

Telephone: 604 618 3955
Fax: 604 576 8836
Thierry Do Design - Featured Design

R1000 series: The World First Tough Digital Assistant
Launched in 2005, the R1000 series has filled the niche between the ultra-rugged PDA data collectors and regular PDAs. The design was developed with the intention of creating a PDA for Olympus that combined toughness and resiliency with high performance while maintaining the sleek form factor and ergonomics of consumer models.


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