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Tangram Design is a Vancouver based product development and industrial design consultancy that works with leading companies in the consumer, medical, industrial, and sporting good markets.


Robert Johnston
Tangram Design Ltd.
1703-1011 Beach Ave
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6E 1T8

Telephone: 604 628 8200
Tangram Design Ltd. - Featured Designs

Earthcycle Fruit Packaging
Tangram has collaborated on numerous palm-fiber packaging projects with Earthcycle Packaging Ltd. The products are all produced using moulded palm fiber —a waste product, discarded when the palm fruit is harvested for its oil. The resulting products are not only contributing to a sustainable palm oil industry in Malaysia, they are certified compostable and biodegradable making a truly cradle to cradle product.

G2 Micro Hydrogen Power Source
The G2 is a pocket fuel-cell capable of charging a variety of existing handheld electronic devices through its USB charging interface. Tangram developed a visual identity around the required air vent that has now been incorporated into an entire product family.

Virgo MRI System
The design of the Virgo Magnetic Resonance Imaging System reflects styling cues and colours traditionally used in consumer products. This was done intentionally to make the device appear more approachable and familiar to patients who are often intimidated by the stark clinical look of many large medical devices.


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