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TakDesign, a think tank of industrial designers and engineers, is active in the consulting field and specializes in the design of electromechanical products.


Daniel Tassé, Alain Martel and
Jo-Philippe K. Laflamme,
Associate Designers
TakDesign Industriel Inc.
6300, avenue du Parc
Suite 420
Montréal, Quebec, Canada
H2V 4H8

Telephone: 514 461 3010
Fax: 514 277 8477
TakDesign Industriel Inc. - Featured Design

Multi Gaz Detector
This portable device is used to detect gases in the industrial environment. This rugged product is also very durable and is made to be used either on a table or worn on a belt. It has a non-slip base and can be used with interchangeable standard batteries.


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