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Spark Innovations is an award-winning Product Development and Venture Management Firm that takes new product concepts from rough sketches to finished products, ready for sale.


Steve Copeland, Design Director
Spark Innovations Inc.
2189 King Road
King City, Ontario, Canada
L7B 1G3

Telephone: 905 833 5122  ext. 222
Fax: 905 833 5439
Spark Innovations Inc. - Featured Designs

Tilting Puck Light
The Tilting Puck Light is perfect for under cabinet lighting, small display cases, and office and medical workstations. The Tilting Puck Light has an adjustable angle that allows for direct lighting or feature lighting where desired.

SK8W8 is a patented training device for your skates designed to improve your skating speed, endurance and leg strength. It has three separate weights for multiple weight settings that adjust easily and quickly loading each skate as desired. The SK8W8 will fit all sizes of skates.


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