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Legrra Design Corp. is a full-service Industrial design company based in Toronto. The company offers a design consultancy service and produces the line of its own consumer/gift products.


Lev Katznelson
Legrra Design Corp.
921-140 Elm Ridge Dr.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M6B 1B1

Telephone:  416 277 6943
Cell: 416 666 8702
Fax: 416 782 6510
Legrra Design Corp. - Featured Designs

JINNOO Car Flower Vase
The JINNOO Car Flower Vase adds a floral splendor to the car and is sure to brighten the interior of any automobile. The Vase is designed to fit in any standard car cup-holder.
Manufactured in Canada and made from high-impact plastic.
Colors: blue, red and gray.

JINNOO Home/Office Flower Vase
The modern, tapered design of the JINNOO Home/Office Flower Vase emphasizes the beauty of the flower, adding a unique, fun and personal feel to your home or office.
Manufactured in Canada and made from high-quality acrylic.
Colors: red, yellow and transparent.


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