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     What does it mean to be
     an Industrial Designer?

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What you need to find employment in Industrial Design?

To find work as an industrial designer, you must have:

  • A university degree in industrial design; or a college diploma in industrial design.
  • Creative ability as demonstrated by a portfolio of work
  • An in depth understanding of the physical sciences, principles of engineering, ergonomics, aesthetics, and industrial materials and processes
  • Basic understanding of social sciences: psychology, sociology, and anthropology
  • Basic understanding of communication arts: photography, video, print and electronic media

The service of Industrial design is often provided in a team environment with cooperation from other disciplines. This often includes management, marketing, engineering and manufacturing specialists. An industrial designer must express the concepts that represent all relevant design criteria determined by the team.

Industrial Designers may also find employment in the following professional areas:

  • Industrial Design Consultant
  • Furniture Design
  • Industrial Products Design
  • Package Design
  • Product Design
  • Domestic Consumer Products
  • Movie Industry (Set Design, Visual Effects)
  • Video Game Industry
  • Website Design
  • Design of Specialized Medical Equipment.
  • Recreational and /or Industrial Equipment Design
  • Exhibit Design
  • Graphic Design

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