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     an Industrial Designer?

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Industrial Designers perform some of the following duties:

While considering contractual responsibilities, protection of public safety and welfare as well as environmental and business ethics Industrial Designers:

  • Consult with clients, engineers, or production specialists to establish product requirements
  • Analyze the intended use of products and user preferences
  • Help the market research department assess the product performance characteristics that will give the sales team an edge in the marketplace
  • Conduct research into the cost and properties of production materials, and methods of production
  • Prepare design concepts, sketches, or models for approval
  • Help management visualize the final results of the development and design process
  • Advise the product planning team on how existing products can be improved and new ones introduced
  • Prepare specifications and guidelines for production and construct prototype of design
  • Help the engineering branch create a product that is economical and functional while ensuring that the ergonomic aspects or human needs are also addressed
  • Help rationalize and simplify the manufacturing process to optimize capital investment and labour content while reducing the cost of parts
  • Attend to technical processes and requirements for manufacture
  • Consult with engineers and production staff during the manufacturing stage
  • Contribute to the creation of promotional information and package design in ways that will improve distribution
  • Address marketing opportunities, economic constraints, distribution sales and servicing processes
  • Ensure that design recommendations effectively use materials and technology and that they comply with all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Help with development of industrial standards, regulatory guidelines and quality control procedures

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