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      What is ACID
      A Short History

A short history

1948 Founding of the Association of Industrial Designers of Canada (ACID)
1957 Founding of International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID).
1958 Founding of first provincial chapter ACID-O
1961 Creation of the National Design Council
1964 Foundation of Québec chapter ADIC-Q
1967 First ICSID Congress to be held in Canada - Montréal
1969 First university level I.D. programme - Université de Montréal
1979 First post-graduate I.D. programme - University of Calgary


Incorporation of ADIQ
1985 Dismantling of the National Design Council and Design Canada
1985 Incorporation of BCID
1986 Incorporation of ACIDO with status of corporation with reserved title
1993 First congress of the National Congress of Industrial Designers - Montréal
1997 Second ICSID Congress to be held in Canada - Toronto
2003 Third ICSID Congress to be held in Canada - Quebec

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